Sustainability has come into fashion. Not least in the food and hospitality industry, where many claim that they work sustainably. We are pleased that sustainability is finally on the global agenda, but we also believe that saying it out loud is not enough. We want to prove it as well.

"If you can measure it, you can manage it", we usually say – and on that note, we are proud to unveil LOCA Gruppen's 'Sustainability Reports'.

Download our 2021-2022 report here

Download our 2022-2023 report here

In the report, we have measured and weighed all purchases for our restaurants, to get a precise indication of our total CO2 footprint – and to get clarity on what we can do to reduce it in the future.

The report also contains measurements and facts on our consumption of local produce, the percentage of organic produce used in the kitchen, and the degree of animal welfare. Matters which we look forward to working with in our kitchens and operations in 2022 and beyond.

For us, however, sustainability is not just a matter of choosing the right ingredients, following the seasons, and minimizing food waste. Human sustainability is an equally important part of what we stand for. Therefore, the report also presents all our measures in relation to staff care and well-being in LOCA Gruppen.

If the restaurant industry wants to attract and retain the right people in the future, it requires that we collectively weed out the obsolete traditions and work culture that is scaring people away from our profession. In this area too, LOCA Gruppen aims to raise the bar and be best in class.

The love of food and people will always be our guiding star on the road to more sustainable gastronomy, and we are excited about the continued journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future, both for ourselves and our staff, the outside world, and the industry.




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