Playful relish in international class

Modern, Nordic gastronomy in international top class

STUDIO is a playful relish in international class with a laid-back atmosphere in one of Copenhagen's most beautiful locations.

The kitchen combines the local and the wild philosophy of modern Nordic cuisine with the cornerstones of French cuisine, and likes to draw inspiration from other cultures and kitchen techniques. The expression is clean and fresh and is served in an informal atmosphere, where the aesthetic dishes and luxurious wines meet the guest at eye level.

The cuisine is not Nordic-dogmatic, but follows the seasons closely - and with an extreme attention to detail, a level of service in absolute top class and a constant search for sublime quality, the season's most beautiful seafood, vegetables, game meat, herbs and mushrooms are displayed. The menu reflects the chef's preference for the local, green kitchen, but also for the sweet kitchen, and this is reflected in the desserts, which is just as strong as the salty kitchen. Visually, the dishes are minimalist, where the individual elements are allowed to explode with taste. The wine menu is solid and classic, and we like to draw on some of the best vintages from our old wine cellar.

STUDIO has an uncompromising focus on sustainability in everything from the choice of ingredients to the decor in the restaurant. The restaurant was born in 2013 as a Nordic michelin restaurant, and in 2021 the restaurant has returned to its roots with a modern, Nordic cuisine that pays homage to the ingredients in all their beautiful simplicity.

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