Sustainable Gastronomy


The cornerstone of LOCA Gruppen is to create sustainable businesses. And to us, ‘sustainable’ means businesses that are both financially and environmentally sustainable. Businesses where great culinary experiences go hand in hand with a sustainable approach to both food, people, and the environment. For us, sustainability is not only a question of how the pigs are raised or where the carrots are grown – sustainability is also about the working conditions we offer our staff. We want the canteen and restaurant industry to become a place where you want to stick around. A place where you can learn and grow, also when you have passed the age of 30 and have had children.

We put words into action

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. We love this saying, and we firmly believe in it. Therefore, in 2021, we have drawn up a "Manifesto" setting the course for our sustainability approach and our business. The Manifesto is based on 8 of UN's Global Goals – covering the areas where we believe our actions can make the greatest impact.

It is estimated that the food industry collectively accounts for around a quarter of the world's CO2 emissions. Therefore, we believe that everyone working in food has a responsibility to look at how they can act to make a difference.

But saying it out loud is not enough: For a long time, we have wanted to gain clarity on how sustainable our business really is when it comes to people and the environment. In March 2022, we released our first 'Sustainability Report', putting tangible figures, facts, and objectives behind what we are saying.

We believe in positive change

We know that the road to sustainability in gastronomy is paved with both dilemmas and compromises. And we also know that our approach will never be perfect. But we are convinced that with decency and propriety, and not least great taste and joy of food, we can help create some of the positive changes that both our industry and the world need. On the pages below you can read our Manifesto and our Sustainability Report to learn more about how we work consciously with sustainability in gastronomy.



Most recently, STUDIO secured its place on "La Liste," a ranking of the world's top 1000 restaurants. La Liste determines ratings based on a compilation of evaluations from gastronomic guides, reviews by professionals in daily newspapers and magazines, as well as online reviews. They received an overall score of 91,5%