KILDEN is our take on a modern Danish bistro, where the best Danish ingredients, traditions, and flavors meet modern gastronomy and blend into a pure and intense taste experience.

KILDEN is head-chef and co-owner Christian Hoffmann's dream of a tribute to Denmark - to the seasons, the flavors, and the ingredients. We mostly source our ingredients from the fertile fields and the vast Danish coastlines. We work with the season's organic greens, gently caught coastal fish, and meat from animals that have lived a good life under the open sky. We closely follow the seasons, but the kitchen is happy to borrow good things from the countries around us when we feel it makes sense. For example, when we add caviar to the coastal fish, serve Norwegian hand-caught scallops, or grate truffles over autumn mushrooms.

We work with small dedicated producers, and we extend and refine the flavors of the year with traditional techniques such as pickling, salting, smoking, and fermenting. You will experience this both at dinner and at lunch, where it is our ambition to serve you some of the kingdom's absolute best danish "smørrebrød" - right in the middle of Denmark's most enchanting garden.

Grillet gris, sprøde jordskokker og sauce på trøffel
Grillet glaseret jomfruhummer med lardo og boghvede
Hvid chokolade bar med kaffe iscreme


Most recently, STUDIO secured its place on "La Liste," a ranking of the world's top 1000 restaurants. La Liste determines ratings based on a compilation of evaluations from gastronomic guides, reviews by professionals in daily newspapers and magazines, as well as online reviews. They received an overall score of 91,5%