This year December is something very special: STUDIO has finally opened!

This past weekend we reached one of the big milestones when we could finally open the doors to STUDIO's new, beautiful premises on Ottilia Jacobsens Plads in Carlsberg Byen.

A great redemption and the culmination of a year of hard work behind the scenes. Now the beautiful restaurant is finally ready for guests, and we are so looking forward to showing off our little new one to you all.

All that was a good distance away when, at this time last year, we started packing Almanak, Mission Green, and STUDIO into moving boxes and left Havnegade.

Strengthened by the crisis

Sure, two years of covid-19 had made us poorer, but at the same time, paradoxically, the experience also strengthened our passion and faith in our industry, our restaurants, and the vision we set LOCA Gruppen in the world with in 2017. We found the strength in the midst of the worst crisis our industry has ever faced - and that is due solely to the people who, despite all the adversity in the world, got behind us and our vision - and stayed standing.

At the time, we couldn't give them an opening date for a new restaurant - but we could say that we believed both in them and in the future, and that together we would be able to move mountains.

A year later, we have now moved the first mountain together – all the way from Copenhagen K to Carlsberg Byen.

More milestones in the making

STUDIO in Carlsberg Byen is undoubtedly LOCA's biggest financial investment. But with Christoffer Sørensen as our partner and captain, we know that we will assert ourselves among the very best restaurants in the country. And we will do it with sustainable operation on all parameters – also financially. With a fantastic STUDIO team behind us, we want to show that it pays to operate gastronomy, at the top level.

STUDIO is the first milestone since we packed up the moving boxes. However, we guarantee it won't be the last. We're only just getting started, and we've got a lot in the works that we're looking forward to sharing more about in the coming months.

But right now we are directing most of our attention to the fantastic new surroundings in Carlsberg Byen and the insanely talented people who created everything out of nothing. Not least team STUDIO: Christoffer, Jesper, Steven, Lyngse, Marius, Joachim and Rasmus, who are now ready to give all guests an absolutely fantastic and life-affirming experience in a formidable setting.

New top review of RADIO

"... the food at Radio is at a level that elsewhere in the world could trigger a star in the good old car tire guide." That's how Gastromand wrote it, who recently paid RADIO a visit. In their enthusiastic and well-written review, Gastromand concludes that "Restaurant Radio delivers tasty, almost immaculate, sustainable, quality gastronomy at a level that is hard to imagine for the price; ingredients, kitchen effort, complexity and the smiling service on the floor taken into account.”

These are words that fill both us and the team at RADIO with pride, because they hit home exactly what we try to create at RADIO every single day: Seasonally focused gastronomy with an eye on craftsmanship, taste and ingredients - at a price that is also edible on an ordinary Tuesday evening.

West Side Story with a new menu

- and a few seats left for the rest of the month

We are very busy at Almanak i Operaen, where our new menu this month offers an elegant touch of Christmas spices and strong flavours. We have a few places left for the rest of the month for the menu before the Opera's fantastic production of West Side Story. If you can't get a table on your desired date, we can recommend our dining bar on the 3rd balcony, where you can enjoy the view with a glass of wine, some Danish charcuterie, a piece of cheese and a bite of bread before or after the performance.

December Menu

Cold smoked salmon with beetroot, horseradish, blackcurrant & dill

Terrine of cabbage and welfare pig, onion mayonnaise & pickled onions

 Mallard with honey, caramelized celery puree, cabbage, sauce & browned potatoes

Danish Smoked Westcoast cheese, parsley roots, pickled nuts & crisp malt

Christmas spice cake with salted caramel & cardamom ice cream

Last call for New Year's party at STUDIO and Almanak i Operaen

Do you want to celebrate the last evening of the year with top gastronomy from Carlsberg Byen's newest restaurant STUDIO? Or do you prefer to see things a bit from above – for example from Almanak on the Opera's fourth balcony? Then you don't have to wait too long: both restaurants are now announcing a few seats left for the last evening of the year, which will be a blast of food and wine and atmosphere in both places.

Christmas across LOCA Restaurants

All that remains is to wish you all a merry Christmas. We hope to be able to welcome you in our restaurants before the festive season. STUDIO and RADIO are closed between Christmas and New Year, while Almanak i Operaen starts up again on 27 December.

STUDIO: will be on Christmas break from and including Friday 23 December and will reopen on 4 January.

RADIO: will be on Christmas break from and including Friday 23 December and will reopen on 5 January

Almanak in the Opera: will be on Christmas break from and including Friday 23 December and will reopen on 27 December.

Best wishes from
Merete, Dorte and everyone in LOCA Restauranter


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