Two new restaurants and a cake

It's winter, and next to the cold and short days, this time of year is generally just a little too quiet and grey for most restaurateurs, but fortunately there is no rule without exception.

STUDIO says THANKS to Carlsberg Byen

After opening in December, STUDIO is settling into its new surroundings, not least in Carlsberg Byen, where Christoffer and Co. have received an absolutely fantastic welcome and support from neighbours, residents and the local area in general. It is quite touching and we say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for both their and our own ways.

Teamet på Restauranten i Carlsberg byen i København

Our new Opera Cake

Almanak in the Opera has been extremely busy. On 8 January, a very knowledgeable panel of judges found Copenhagen's new Opera cake, which was subsequently tasted on fully booked "Special Sundays"

We therefore also promise that the cake will make a strong comeback on the menu, which we will look forward to telling you much more about in the next monthly newsletter.

We're opening a new restaurant in Hvidovre

We feel incredibly privileged when we can pass on what for us is great and wonderful news. On 22 February, we will open the doors to restaurant GAARDEN in Hvidovre's new cultural centre Risbjerggaard. Kulturhuset Risbjerggaard opened in September after a thorough renovation, and we are very proud that with GAARDEN we have been allowed to become part of life in and around Hvidovre.

It will be our task to add flavour to the house, and we are really looking forward to it. Our goal with GAARDEN is not to create a new restaurant in the classical sense, but rather a cosy and modern 'Restaurant gathering house'. GAARDEN must be a place where you would like to meet your friends, go on a date with your girlfriend or take the children with you in a busy everyday life - And then just enjoy yourself with good food and drink. For example, GAARDEN's 'Social Dining' menu, where 8 servings are shared by the entire table. The menu offers good, hearty food with plenty of flavours - prepared from the season's best Danish ingredients.

GAARDEN should be the place where you can drop in for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, a glass of wine after the evening or a cosy dinner with it all. At the same time, GAARDEN also becomes a setting for e.g. round birthdays or other celebrations.

From February 22, the kitchen is open Tuesday to Saturday from 17.00, and later we will expand with a lunch menu. However, we are already opening the restaurant from 12.00, so you can enjoy snacks, good coffee, wonderful cakes and other sweets throughout the day.

Social Dining med gastronomisk bæredygtighed

In the kitchen, we have employed Thomas Parry, who is our gastronomic developer in the LOCA Group. In 2018, he won TV2's 'Sukkertoppen', and in addition, he has been employed as a dessert chef at a number of the world's best restaurants.

At GAARDEN, however, Thomas has focused on almost everything other than 'Fine Dining' and white tablecloths on the tables. Our goal is for GAARDEN to be a place that we and everyone else want to visit with the children on an early Tuesday, with friends on a late Friday or with the whole family on a Saturday.

Our wish is that GAARDEN can become a gathering point across generations, and it will be fantastic if the restaurant can support the strong communities that already characterize Hvidovre. We hope so, and that is why we will also fill GAARDEN's living rooms with a lot of exciting events: Long table dinners, lectures and exciting food evenings with impressions and atmospheres from very different food cultures.

Parry has been busy developing a wide range of new seasonal dishes for GAARDEN's first menu. It offers, among other things, lemon-roasted chicken, welfare pig with brown butter, hay-baked celeriac with hollandaise and burrata with glazed legs.

Try GAARDEN at a special opening price

From the 22nd and two weeks from now, it will be possible to try GAARDEN's 'Social Dining' menu with 8 wonderful servings for the special price 295,- (normally 395,-)

See GAARDEN's entire menu here. We hope you like it.

We are really looking forward to getting started, and hope to see you all in Hvidovre

Forret på à la carte i Hvidovre
Social Dining menu i Hvidovre
Restaurant GAARDEN Bæredygtig gastronomi med lokale danske råvarer


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Most recently, STUDIO secured its place on "La Liste," a ranking of the world's top 1000 restaurants. La Liste determines ratings based on a compilation of evaluations from gastronomic guides, reviews by professionals in daily newspapers and magazines, as well as online reviews. They received an overall score of 91,5%